Research Report 29 January 2024



Tin for the future

An introduction to the tin market and the International Tin Association

The imminent 4th Industrial Revolution and the Green Industrial Revolution should both benefit tin over the next decade. Tin as solder will glue together all of the electronic and electrical equipment required for a 5G-supported smart communications future. At the same time the fascinating technical properties of tin are already delivering a wide and growing range of R&D projects across green energy technologies as well as new electronic materials. 

View the presentation on the future of tin given here on the future of tin by Dr Jeremy Pearce at the London Tin Seminar 2020.


Some 20,000 tonnes of tin is likely to enter the market in the next decade, but investment in up to three times that could be required to meet rising demand. 

This represents a significant investment opportunity, with forecasts indicating this gap will begin to open up after 2025.

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