Project logistics – overview

  • Venture’s Riley Project is located 120km from Burnie;
  • Australia’s leading provider of bulk material handling services, Qube, has been contracted to provide road haulage and ship loading services;
  • The journey from mine to port comprises 21km on a bitumen (all weather) road from the mine gate east to the Murchison Highway, and then north along the Murchison to the Port of Burnie;
  • The iron ore will be hauled by truck and trailer combinations with up to 37 tonne payloads;
  • The round average trip from mine gate to port is approximately 4 hours.

Transport Management Plan

Currently Venture’s trucks can only travel during daylight hours. However, Venture Minerals has submitted an application to allow night-time trucking to match transport operations to Company’s 24-hour mining/processing operations.


  • Ensures that the mine is more resilient in the face of the fluctuations in iron ore prices that will inevitably occur over the life of the mine;
  • Spaces truck movements from approximately 10 movements an hour to 5 movements an hour.

Venture has contracted professional logistics company Qube to provide all of its iron ore transport solutions.

Qube operates modern trucks and trailers with

  • State of the art driver and vehicle monitoring;
  • Comprehensive fatigue management plans and real time alerts; 
  • An extensive vehicle maintenance program.

Venture and Qube are united in their efforts to prevent transport collisions with native wildlife. The two companies have designed a roadkill mitigation program to reduce the risk to rare and endangered species, such as Tasmanian Devils and spotted tail quolls. Core components of this mitigation program are:

Virtual fencing

Roadkill reporting and clean-up