Venture Minerals’ sustainability strategy aims for a positive long term impact within our project areas. The success of our business is dependent on our ability to manage complex environmental issues, and minimising our impact on the environment is critical to Venture Minerals’ holistic approach to sustainability.

For every project Venture Minerals undertakes, we prevent (or otherwise minimise or mitigate) any effects our operations might have – both in the short and long term. Our operations are designed with tomorrow’s standards in mind; that’s why we’re continually striving for excellence.

We are implementing a range of onsite mitigation schemes around our Tasmanian tenements. As part of our due diligence process, this has involved the undertaking of intensive baseline studies to identify populations of important flora and fauna within our project areas – prior to any exploration work. And because we value biodiversity, Venture Minerals undertakes a continual monitoring program of flora, fauna and water quality – not only for the duration of our projects, but also into the future.

We’re not content to simply remediate – we strive to leave an area better than when we found it. Examples of this include combating existing invasive species – such as feral cats or noxious weeds – or rehabilitating previously degraded areas now under our control.